Criminal Defense

With more than thirty-four years of criminal defense experience, Michael G. Martin has assisted clients at all levels of the criminal justice system in state and federal court, as well as in federal grand jury and administrative investigations.

The cases he has handled include:

  • FEC, NTSB and USCSB investigations
  • Internet and computer related offenses, including computer worm/bot offenses
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax evasion and failure to file
  • Health care fraud
  • Government procurement fraud
  • Environmental crimes, including oil field investigations, marine bilge discharge investigations, and fish & wildlife offenses
  • Money laundering offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Firearms violations
  • Sexual assault
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping

Being involved in the criminal justice system is an overwhelming experience, and Michael is committed to providing the support and expertise needed to ensure that his clients’ rights are vigorously protected. Whether you are involved in an ongoing investigation, charged with a crime, or seeking to appeal a conviction, he is dedicated to providing the very best representation possible.

Some examples of his criminal defense practice:

  • Counsel to pipe line company employees in a federal criminal and environmental investigation involving allegations of negligence resulting in three deaths (no clients charged).
  • Counsel to refinery employee in a federal criminal and environmental investigation involving allegations of negligence resulting in sevene deaths (no charges filed).
  • Counsel to employees for medical non-profit billing corporations alleged to have defrauded Medicare and insurance companies in a federal criminal health care fraud investigation (no clients charged).
  • Counsel to CFO of a medical center investigated for healthcare fraud violations (no charges filed).
  • Counsel for employees in NTSB and federal grand jury investigations involving the crash of a commercial airliner resulting in the death of all passengers and crew (no charges filed).
  • Counsel for a medical practice group under investigation for state billing fraud.
  • Counsel to an individual charged in a multi-count indictment alleging real estate, bank and tax fraud (Indictment dismissed).
  • Counsel to sole proprietor and company investigated for theft of proprietary software obtained through the reverse engineering of computer chips (resolved by corporate plea and no charges against owner).
  • Counsel for employees of an international fishing corporation under investigation for tax and fraud violations (no charges filed against any of the clients).
  • Counsel in state court post-conviction appeals, including obtaining a dismissal of the conviction and release from prison for an individual charged in the Wenatchee “sex-ring” cases, and obtaining an amended plea and release from prison for a client whose conviction was based on the unlawful concealment of exculpatory evidence.